Stewart has held insurance licenses in Ohio and Florida since 1975 and 1987 respectively. He also holds insurance licenses in several other states as well as FINRA's Series 65, enabling him to review and recommend the positioning of securities, as a fiduciary, on a non-commissioned basis.

In 1980 he wrote Financial Recovery, critical of the insurance industry. After the book received favorable reviews (to his surprise) in "Life Insurance Selling" magazine, thousands of copies were bought by agents and agencies nationwide. His consumer-oriented firm, located in Worthington, Ohio became one of the country's leaders in marketing low-cost life-insurance, fixed annuities (FPA's and SPDA's), and attractive tax-sheltered investments. He hired, trained, and supervised dozens of agents and General Agents.

In 1986 he moved to Florida and reunited with his brother, a brilliant PhD consulting geologist, in Tampa. A Sarasota resident since 1987, Stewart has been a member of Manasota Mensa, on the faculty advisory committee of Manatee Technical Institute, a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee of WSLR Radio, and a member of the Sarasota Sailing Squadron.

After he had moved to Florida the insurance industry introduced improved long-term care policies as well as fixed annuities with growth potential linked to various market indicies. Stewart examined and sold these as they became available while adjusting to a relaxing Florida lifestyle. After the internet arrived he published online articles explaining complexities of these more desirable financial products as well as launched an internet marketing company.

Ever since reading Norman Dacey's 1965 book, How to Avoid Probate Stewart has been interested in revocable living trusts. Shortly after settling in Sarasota he contacted Henry W. Abts, author of The Living Trust. He recruited several attorneys in Sarasota and familiarized them with trust documents prepared by Henry's company located in Reno, NV, and referred new clients to the attorneys he appointed and coached. Stewart assisted the attorneys he selected in collecting pertinent information, executing their prepared documents, and assisted clients in funding their trusts. Since Henry's death in 2010 Stewart has continued to refer trust inquiries to the Nevada office, without compensation and consistent with his desire to provide persons appropriate professional service. His article on this subject can be found both on this website as well as at

When Lehman Brothers "Financial Freedom" division launched a campaign to market reverse mortgages they were met with skepticism. Many persons in the financial area who ought to have known better referred to them as "suspect", "abusive" or even "shady" and "questionably legal". After investigating the matter Stewart recognized them to be invaluable financial planning tools when used, not to help salesman line their own pockets, but with senior homeowners who have no better alternative to enable them to live comfortably in their own homes, free of mortgage payments, for the rest of their lives. Together with his business colleague, Sherri Urfer, after obtaining mortgage broker licenses for the purpose, they were able to help hundreds of seniors throughout Florida. Stewart left the mortgage business when property values were decimated in 2008. Today the reverse mortgage is recognized to be a hugely valuable financial planning tool. As every financial product, it must never be used merely to generate commission income.

Stewart's intentions are to help others in today's problematical financial environment, particularly those in retirement years, as himself, and persons who have worked for (or inherited) assets that they are serious about protecting and, hopefully, increasing for themselves and for the ones they love. He enjoys meeting people and sharing valuable and useful information.

Stewart has never been sued, censored, or been the subject of any regulatory investigation or disciplinary action.

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